Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you knew how many people are praying for you, would you treat people differently? If you knew, would you be a different person?

"I was very surprised on how many people came to see me at the hospital. And waited in the waiting room during my surgery."



Reggie's brain surgery lasted 5 hours. And he was WIDE awake the entire time.



The doctors finally removed the tumor. As for Reggie...

He survived.

"I woke up and started seeing faces, and I thought for a second, I was on the breathing machine."

But he was just Reggie. Breathing on his own. Thank God.

"I had my family. I had people from the Star Factory. I had Monica Blaire. I had pretty much Twitter praying for me. (laughs.) Wow."

Even people who he didn't even knew existed were sending their prayers...

"...thank you."

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