Thursday, July 29, 2010


If you knew how many people are praying for you, would you treat people differently? If you knew, would you be a different person?

"I was very surprised on how many people came to see me at the hospital. And waited in the waiting room during my surgery."



Reggie's brain surgery lasted 5 hours. And he was WIDE awake the entire time.



The doctors finally removed the tumor. As for Reggie...

He survived.

"I woke up and started seeing faces, and I thought for a second, I was on the breathing machine."

But he was just Reggie. Breathing on his own. Thank God.

"I had my family. I had people from the Star Factory. I had Monica Blaire. I had pretty much Twitter praying for me. (laughs.) Wow."

Even people who he didn't even knew existed were sending their prayers...

"...thank you."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

day one

Ok, it's not day 1. But it sure in hell feels like it...

Imagine one day finding out that you have a disease
. Imagine it being brain cancer.

Scared yet?

You're only 22 years old.

"It's been the craziest experience. I have to be sick just to feel better."

Reginald D. Johnson Sr. is this young man's name. And he is determined to beat this so-called disease. Anaplasic Oligodendroglioma. huh?

Oh wait. No.



Best known as Brain Cancer.

"Truthfully, I was ULTRA surprised. Because I originally came in for a heart check-up. The doctors then said that they would have to do an M

Note: MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging, help physicians visualize the internal structure of the human body.

Imagine your future depending on the one picture that tells it all.

"CLEARLY, They found the problem... Damn."


So you have the cancer. What do you do now? Do you go to bed and cry your sweet eyes out? Or do you just...


"The doctors straight up told me that I need to undergo surgical procedures. And then, um, lets see, (laughs), so I did it. I had no choice. I mean, did I really?"