Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new. day.

God is real.

Yesterday, my boyfriend found out that his MRI was clear of cancer. Wow.

This disease was snacking on his brain vessels. And lurking for more. But not on his soul.

In my office, I rocked in my chair. Then he finally texted me.

I almost fell onto my knees in my office. Happiness seized my entire body, making every single blood cell in my body freeze. All I could do was shout, "THANK YOU JESUS!"

Imagine someone who you love fighting a monstrous disease. With no cure...

I must say, that my boyfriend is a warrior. The love I have found in him is the sword that we both use. We are a team and We are beating this thing called Cancer.

I love this man so much, my heart is drained with joy. Through our love, I have learned that love is not about doing the right things or saying the right words. It is about being the right person.

Reginald Johnson, thank you for wanting to live and giving God your life. Because of you, my faith in God has strengthened.

Cancer has tricks. But our God has tricks under his sleeves. And he showed us all that He is in control. No matter what the doctors say. No matter how many chemo pills he swallows. No matter how strong the Cancer...

He is in control.

It's amazing how your testimony can be a blessing to someone else.